Video Clips Adapted from B&W Film Made at Tell en-Nasbeh
in the 1935 Season
(Used with Permission of the Bade Institute of Biblical Archaeology)
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In 1935 a Black and White film was made of the Tell en-Nasbeh excavations, local Palestinian customs, and views in and about Jerusalem. In the 1980s this film was transferred to VHS video tape. With the kind permission of the Badè Institute of Biblical Archaeology a series of .mpg video clips were captured from a copy of the tape. The links below lead to nine of these clips. There are two methods of viewing the clips.

1. With a "plug-in" application. This is a program which loads the video image into your computer, plays it, but does not copy it to your system permanently. Many web browsers now come with plug-ins to allow such video play. If you follow one of the links, and do not have an appropriate .mpg plug-in, the page will load (possibly with a warning about not being able to play the video files) and display the video clip as a broken link or torn page. If your system does not currently have a plug-in and you would like to view these clips in your browser follow this link (Plug-in) to a page which contains links to applications for playing a variety of media (for these clips follow the Audio/Video link)

2. With a "helper" application. This is a separate program that will play the video once it has been transferred to your system. By clicking on the link below the video clip you will begin this download process. Many systems now come with media players already installed. If your system does not have an appropriate .mpg player a little searching on the web should turn one up.

Menu of Tell en-Nasbeh .mpg Video Clips

I. Clip showing excavation around bins in Square AE16    V. Clip showing examination of olive press installation   
II. Clip showing excavation of a cistern VI. Clip showing photo tower and excavation area
III. Clip showing women dumping earth on tell VII. Clip showing refilling excavation area
IV. Clip showing Palestinians mending a storage jar VIII. Clip showing cleaning of skeleton in Tomb 59

IX. Clip showing view of excavation in AF-AG/17/18