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I would like to acknowledge the following individuals and institutions for their assistance and contributions which have played no small part in the reanalysis and publication of this important site:

  1. For access to the Nasbeh records and artifacts:
    • The Badè Institute of Biblical Archaeology for permission to study and publish the Nasbeh materials
    • Mr. Kevin Kaiser, Coordinator of the Badè Institute, for his assistance in providing the project with photographs from the excavation archives.
  1. For funding during various stages of research:
    • The National Endowment for the Humanities and the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research for funding the study of the Nasbeh pottery
    • The University of California Berkeley for funding through its program of Humanities Graduate Research Grants which made it possible to run Neutron Activation Analysis tests.
    • The Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research for funding the analysis of the Nasbeh architecture and stratigraphy.
  1. For co-authoring articles:
    • Dr. John L. Hayes of the University of California Berkeley, Department of Near Eastern Studies and Dr. Joseph Yellin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    • Dr. Carey Walsh of Rhodes College
    • Dr. Ilan Sharon the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Dr. Ayelet Gilboa of Haifa University
  1. For comments and advice during the preparation of various manuscripts:
    • Professor Walter Aufrecht, University of Lethbridge
    • Professor Oded Borowski, Emory University
    • Professor Kathryn L. Gleason, Cornell University
    • Dr. John L. Hayes, University of California Berkeley
    • Professor Carol Redmount, University of California Berkeley
    • Dr. Ilan Sharon, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    • Dr. Samuel Wolff, Israel Antiquities Authority
    • Professor David Ussishkin, Tel Aviv University